Sensing Cities Ep. 5: a conversation with Francesca Panetta

Image courtesy of Francesca Panetta

Image courtesy of Francesca Panetta

Episode 5 of  Sensing Cities, visits the Guardian’s audio department facilities to meet and chat with sound artist Francesca  Panetta about her trajectory through London’s stories and sounds. Francesca is the creative force behind a series of locative media projects about London, including Soho StoriesHackney Hear, Rachel Lichtenstein’s Diamond Street App and the Guardian’s Streetstories App. For Sensing Cities, I ask Francesca about her involvement with music, sound art, radio features production  and how all these lead her to the world of new media and the creation of locative media projects. We focus on Hackney Hear, an App about her neighborhood in Hackney exploring the sounds and underlying narratives surrounding areas like London Fields and Broadway Market. She talks, among other topics, about feeling sound, the use of locative technology to expand a story in space as well as some of her inspirations and influences

Tune in on June 12th at Resonance FM at 1pm to listen to our discussion. The episode will be repeated on Sunday, 16th of June at 5:30pm.

About Francesca

Francesca Panetta is a multi award-winning producer and sound artist. She started her career at the BBC as a trainee sound assistant, moving across to radio where she worked for the next five years. In 2006 she left to work at the Guardian newspaper’s newly formed audio department and has worked in the multimedia department since then in various role, currently working as Special Projects Editor leading on innovation in storytelling and new platforms.

* For the purposes of this show, Francesca has shared an audio collage of  snippets taken from the Hackney Hear app. I have also used some samples from her Hackney Podcast project, episodes 18 and 20.


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