Sensing Cities Ep. 9: a conversation with Ian Rawes of The London Sound Survey

Image courtesy of  In the Dark Radio.

Image courtesy of In the Dark Radio.

I met Ian Rawes at Postman’s park in central London; a little oasis dedicated to people who died to save  the lives of others. His work for the extensive online resource of The London Sound Survey runs in parallel and as a flip side to his daytime job at the British Library Sound Archive. During our chat for Sensing Cities, Ian talks about escaping ones comfort zone in order to discover and explore a city, the effort to reconcile with its many materialities and particularities as well as more individual points of reference. He also discusses about the different sounds one can discover on the website and early influences such as music, literature or his work experience in the print and book making industry.

The show will be broadcast on Tuesday 24th of September 2013 at 7:30pm to 8pm @ Resonance FM.

Ian has released a limited edition vinyl record featuring a selection of recordings from the London Sound Survey out on vitelli records. We did cover this a bit in our discussion.  You can listen to samples off  These are The Good Times here.

About Ian Rawes

Ian Rawes began making field recordings of London life in 2008 after chance discoveries of work by other field recordists at the British Library Sound Archive, where he was employed as the Vaultkeeper. The London Sound Survey went online in May 2009, and since then it has amassed nearly 1,200 recordings of past and present-day London. The site has contributed to Radio 4 broadcasts and has been featured on World Service and BBC Radio London. A vinyl LP titled ‘These Are The Good Times’ has just been released on Vittelli Records.
Ian was born and brought up in central London. Since leaving school he has worked at various jobs including printer, graphic designer, venue manager, concert promoter, and in a sawmill. When he’s not recording, Ian likes listening to the radio. He now lives in south-east London.

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