Sensing Cities Ep. 3: a conversation with Dan Scott

Dan Scott

Dan Scott

The third episode of Sensing Cities, discusses with sound artist Dan Scott about his practice, the use of field recordings and his work on Iain Sinclair’s  Stone Tape Shuffle, the first of  a limited vinyl edition series of spoken word albums released by Test Centre. Stone Tape Shuffle features the writer reading a selection of excerpts from his writings including Lud Heat, Downriver, White Chappell Scarlet Tracings and Suicide Bridge. Scott’s been following in Sinclair’s steps around the locations that inspired the texts, recording both the narrative voice and the sounds surrounding it.  We talk about imaginary  naive ethnographers, words, memory and bringing book characters to life, sound design strategies and other possibilities of recording sound in this particular context of narrating the urban.

Tune in on May 29th at Resonance FM at 1pm to listen to our discussion.

About Dan Scott

Dan Scott is a sound artist based in Kent.  His work incorporates performance, field recording, text and composed listening.  Recent projects include The Inaudible Archive for Tate Modern Families programme, On The Sonority of Clay at the Soundfjord Gallery and the Aurality workshop at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


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